The Organic Diaries- Step 12: Reaping the benefits of the cold

February 19, 2014 • Posted in: News, The Organic Diaries, Workshops

After a busy month, we’re back to share some good news-

The methi, spinach and coriander have fared brilliantly! The spinach has already been picked for use once and is still going strong.

The palak patch on it's second round.

The palak patch on it’s second round.

The coriander flowers making the patch look alive.

The coriander flowers making the patch look alive.

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(The E-Base program is all about putting into practice learnings at the E-base. Our modules are well complemented by hands- on and practical implementations through our projects in schools we associate with. The three main projects for this year- organic gardening, composting and energy generation through a bicycle aim to drive home the necessity of a commitment towards sustainability and environmental conservation.)

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