The Organic Diaries- Step 10: The End of Summer Plants

November 11, 2013 • Posted in: News, The Organic Diaries, Workshops

Our beautiful Bhindi and Barbati plants served their purpose. Our Midday Meal Kitchen in the shcool absorbed all the produce of our organic patch (off course, the produce that remains after the students eat the raw bhindi! Yes, we know what you’re think, raw Bhindi? But, the students love it! We think it has something to do with the sweetness in vegetables when grown organically.)

Barbati coming to an end.

Barbati coming to an end.

As the monsoon rapidly comes to an end and as Pench gets ready for a chilly winter, our plants too are on their last leg. After a good yield, it’s time to sow the next set of winter plants.

The Bhindi on its last leg.

The Bhindi on its last leg.

We’re thinking of herbs this time- coriander, mint and a few leafy veges! Also, we really want to give Methi and Palak their much deserved third chance. Untimely rain, are you listening?

Our students are ready with their maintenance groups and all that’s needed now is for the weather to clear completely for us to have our winter sowing!

Here’s hoping we have a brilliant winter yield too!

If you still haven’t gone organic, read about our organic initiative in #theorganicdiaries and get convinced to make that change!

(The E-Base program is all about putting into practice learnings at the E-base. Our modules are well complemented by hands- on and practical implementations through our projects in schools we associate with. The three main projects for this year- organic gardening, composting and energy generation through a bicycle aim to drive home the necessity of a commitment towards sustainability and environmental conservation.)

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