Trees Workshop by Leaps and Bounds

February 16, 2013 • Posted in: News, Workshops


Through this workshop, the students learnt about the wonders of a tree. They learnt about the function of chlorophyll, and with a simple experiment using ink and carnations, they got a deeper understanding of the capillary movement in plants. By counting the rings on the bark of a tree, the students learnt how to estimate the age of a tree.

Counting the rings in a tree's bark

Measuring the height of a California Redwood

To end the workshop, they were introduced to the world’s tallest and widest tree- The California Redwoods. The students, unaware of the length and width of the tree, set off with a two meter string to measure the cords stretched across two stones, one representing the length and the other the width. To their amazement, they discovered that the Redwoods are 115 meters tall and 11.5 meters wide! At the end, the students put together the benefits we receive from trees, and left the E- Base with a renewed resolve to save them!

Studying a tree

Studying a tree

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