Third Pole E-Base is live!

August 14, 2013 • Posted in: News
Third Pole E-Base

Third Pole E-Base

The third E-Base of the World, the Third Pole E-Base is now live! We would like to congratulate our friends up in Leh who managed to bring solar energy to the ‘Roof of the World

As you read this post, the Global Himalayan Expedition team is working hard on the Third Pole E-Base. Right from setting up the solar panels to painting the walls, this E-base is the result of the personal efforts of this very eclectic and talented team.

Painting the E-Base

Painting the E-Base

Don’t know about the latest E-Base?

The word E-base was coined by the legendary polar explorer and UN goodwill ambassador Sir Robert Swan. The E-Base is a sustainable green building, constructed from carefully selected environmentally friendly material. The E-Base serves as a model for educational, environmental and energy issues. Its purpose is to inspire a global audience to tackle the issue of climate change. It attempts to showcase alternative energy as a substitute to fossil fuels, which contribute to climate change. It shows that if we can achieve the seemingly impossible at the remotest locations of earth, then we can all take small, achievable steps in our own backyards.

The idea behind creating the Third Pole E-Base is to share with the world community that how Climate Change not only affects but also disrupts life. The local population after having faced droughts and flash-floods caused by cloud bursts, was able to bounce back to normalcy within a matter of months, creating lessons in sustainable living and making the ‘Roof of the world’ an unavoidable truth and an important teacher to reach out to.

The roof of the world as the name suggests holds the knowledge to bring forth the truth to our actions and provide the ‘real’ roof to the false ceiling we have all surrendered ourselves to.

Through this E base, we would like to highlight stories of simple people shouldering extraordinary responsibilities, and communities working unknowingly towards saving their planet, by taking small baby steps towards their own survival.

Read up on the first E-Base in Antarctica and 2041:

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Images: courtesy Global Himalayan Expedition

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