The Organic Diaries- Step 7: The Successes and Failures

October 7, 2013 • Posted in: News, The Organic Diaries, Workshops

Just as we were basking in the glory of our successful sowing, the weather decided to put an end to it. With record breaking amounts of rainfall, there was absolute no chance our little methi and palak plants could survive. The torrential rains of August and unusual downpours in September ensured the patch a hard time.

So, what’s the damage?

The Methi and Palak plants completely withered under all that rain. Half of the patch flooded and amounted in a complete failure.

The 8th graders patch that got destroyed in the rains.

The 8th graders patch that got destroyed in the rains.

We mustn’t forget- with the bad news always comes the good.

And, here’s the good news:

The 7th graders' Barbati Plants doing well.

The 7th graders’ Barbati Plants doing well.

The Bhindi and Barbati plants managed to hold their ground against the rain. They flowered beautifully and it won’t be long till we can have a small but very delicious meal with them!

Little Bhindis coming up in our 7th graders' patch.

Little Bhindis coming up in our 7th graders’ patch.

Stay tuned to find out what is next for our kitchen garden by following us on twitter and facebook and read about it in #theorganicdiaries.

Until then- stay organic!

(The E-Base program is all about putting into practice learnings at the E-base. Our modules are well complemented by hands- on and practical implementations through our projects in schools we associate with. The three main projects for this year- organic gardening, composting and energy generation through a bicycle aim to drive home the necessity of a commitment towards sustainability and environmental conservation.)

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