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A Planet for All: Workshop by Priyanka Pandit in association with ‘Camlin Kids Power’

April 19, 2015 • Posted in: News, Workshops

A modern day movement in support of the planet began in this month close to half a decade ago. Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring had awoken so many of the youth, and increasingly degraded air and surroundings lead to more people raising concern and springing into action. Environmental health was, for the first time, a part of tea time discussions of the common man and the agendas of the politicos. That was 1970. This is 2015.

Despite increased awareness and more inclusive action to address environmental issues, we are, unfortunately, still in the midst of a climatic crisis, one that leaves us with a precarious future. One of the biggest reasons for this climatic turmoil is deforestation. However, it is not only the risks of climatic turmoil that we face due to deforestation, it is also a loss of our food and water security. Ahead of Earth Day on the 22nd of April, this workshop by Priyanka Pandit was about this very concern: loss of our green spaces.

As part of Kokuyo Camlin’s ‘Camlin Kids Power’ initiative, Camlin promotes awareness of burning social issues amongst underprivileged children through mediums such as music and art.

How glad we were to Priyanka and the folks from Camlin over to explain food chains, deforestation and food security with the help of a book and a guitar!

To begin with, Priyanka took the students on a tour of the forest. A forest comprises of producers, consumers, decomposers and the likes. The consumers are herbivores and carnivores which are poles apart in every way, but still have one common link: the producer, our very own forest.

Priyanka explaining the significance of forests to the students.

Priyanka explaining the significance of forests to the students.


Opposites Attract, Likes Repel: Workshop on Magnetism by Vidnyan Vahini

January 30, 2015 • Posted in: News, Pench Maharashtra Workshops, Workshops

Who hasn’t ever tried to make the two similar ends of magnet touch? Or, tested how many paper clips he or she can lift with just one magnet.

Magnetism is perhaps one of the most entertaining parts of Pyhsics and this month, the students had a wonderful workshop by Vidnyan Vahini on it. Mr. Sharad Godse and Mr. Vinayak Dixit of Vidnyan Vahini were down in Pench to epxore with the students the properties of magnetism and why it is so unique, and the importance of the phenomenon in our daily life.

Students understanding the principles of magnetism.

Students understanding the principles of magnetism.


What’s causing that pollution?: Workshop by Reniscience Education

January 15, 2015 • Posted in: News, Workshops

Everyday, we expel unnatural and harmful elements into our surroundings. In the beginning, they are nothing more than a mere inconvenience, however, over time, we experience the full effects of our actions.

Whether it is littering in our immediate environment, creating a ruckus in the neighbourhood, contaminating our water bodies or simply putting into the atmosphere gases that do no good for us, we pollute in many ways.

This month, the students learnt about the pollution around them in this workshop by Reniscience Education. Sangita Kapadia and Purvi Vora took the students out of the classrooms all around- into the village, by their lake, by the roads- to examine the impact through the pollution created in the village.

Through a pollution survey, the students were meant to identify the greatest sources of pollution and later, come up with solutions to best tackle the issue.

Students in the village of Kohka conducting the pollution survey.

Students in the village of Kohka conducting the pollution survey.


‘Fun With Water’: Workshop by Curiouscity

October 3, 2013 • Posted in: Karmajhiri M.P. Workshops, News, Workshops

Karmajhiri water workshop by Curouiscity 3rd aug 2013 (1)

With topics ranging from distribution of animals in the oceans, the physical and chemical properties of water, ice and steam, water as a conductor, water as a source of energy, and the power of water to the history of water use over the ages, this interactive and experimental session was a fun space for the students to explore everything to do with Water.


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