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A Planet for All: Workshop by Priyanka Pandit in association with ‘Camlin Kids Power’

April 19, 2015 • Posted in: News, Workshops

A modern day movement in support of the planet began in this month close to half a decade ago. Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring had awoken so many of the youth, and increasingly degraded air and surroundings lead to more people raising concern and springing into action. Environmental health was, for the first time, a part of tea time discussions of the common man and the agendas of the politicos. That was 1970. This is 2015.

Despite increased awareness and more inclusive action to address environmental issues, we are, unfortunately, still in the midst of a climatic crisis, one that leaves us with a precarious future. One of the biggest reasons for this climatic turmoil is deforestation. However, it is not only the risks of climatic turmoil that we face due to deforestation, it is also a loss of our food and water security. Ahead of Earth Day on the 22nd of April, this workshop by Priyanka Pandit was about this very concern: loss of our green spaces.

As part of Kokuyo Camlin’s ‘Camlin Kids Power’ initiative, Camlin promotes awareness of burning social issues amongst underprivileged children through mediums such as music and art.

How glad we were to Priyanka and the folks from Camlin over to explain food chains, deforestation and food security with the help of a book and a guitar!

To begin with, Priyanka took the students on a tour of the forest. A forest comprises of producers, consumers, decomposers and the likes. The consumers are herbivores and carnivores which are poles apart in every way, but still have one common link: the producer, our very own forest.

Priyanka explaining the significance of forests to the students.

Priyanka explaining the significance of forests to the students.


Circle of Life in a Forest: Workshop by Reniscience Education

March 10, 2015 • Posted in: News, Workshops

While we go on obliviously about our daily musings and chores, the world around us is teeming with life. It may not be at a macro level us primates are used to observing, but it happens at ground level, by a pond or under the canopy of a tree.

Coupled with a lovely illustration, writes Julia Rothman in her delightful book ‘Nature Anatomy’, a little on how even a rotting log, though dead itself, is the source of much life. “A dead tree on the forest floor may not look like much, but the decomposing odd hosts a party of plant and animal life. Many kinds of insect larvae burrow into decaying wood to take shelter from the winter. Snail and snugs delight in the debris and fungi growing from rotting logs. Earthworms digest vast quantities of rotting or organic matter, leaving behind nutrient rich casts. Moist decomposing wood is a perfect nutrient nursery from which leeches, mosses, flowers, and even other trees can set root and thrive.” Such are the designs of nature and such is the unique circle of life.

The forest looks still but teems with life.

The forest looks still but teems with life.

If this is the case of just a rotting log, what must the case of a prime deciduous forest be? This is exactly what our students found out in this workshop with Reniscience Education.


The many faces of Pench

August 3, 2014 • Posted in: News, Workshops

Pench is beautiful throughout the year.

How do we vouch for that?

Here is a selection of images from the time we have spent in this enchanting forest over the last three years. We are sure you will agree with us by the the time you reach the last photo.

In spring, Pench is abuzz with insects, birds chirping and the lovely Mahua in full bloom. The light smell of of the forest is carried about by the gentle breeze. This is a wonderful time when the summer heat is just beginning to set in.

Parakeets perched atop the Flame of the Forest.

Parakeets perched atop the Flame of the Forest.


On the tiger’s trail: Workshop by Pooja Choksi

August 1, 2014 • Posted in: News, Pench Maharashtra Workshops, Workshops

Kolitmara school (1)

Even though the students in the villages of Dahoda and Kolitmara live around the Pench Tiger Reserve, very few of them have actually seen a tiger or know about its behaviour.


Lessons from the Dodo: Workshop on extinct and endangered species by Leaps and Bounds

January 27, 2014 • Posted in: News, Workshops

Extinct and endangered species 10-11 dEC, 2013 (1)

Even though we are unaware of the total number of species that exist on this planet, we do know that human activity is soon pushing our biodiversity in a corner, inducing high extinction rates.


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