Simply Science: Workshop by TIFR

October 17, 2013 • Posted in: Karmajhiri M.P. Workshops, News, Workshops

To introduce students in schools at the Karmajhiri side of the Pench Tiger reserve to simple scientific concepts, professors from the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) conducted a hand- on entertaining workshop.

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Through experiments, children learnt concepts of electro-magnetism, friction, solubility and applied science to find solutions to local problems faced by the community. Using local materials, children were filled with curiosity of knowing not only what happens to different substances but also the logic behind why it happens.

Mr. Kulkarni made science truly simple!

Mr. Kulkarni made science truly simple!

(We started our program of workshops for the students of the forest villages of Tikadi, Paraspani and Sarrah July, 2013. With immense support from the Pench Tiger Reserve staff, we now reach out to over 200 students. Since the students who live more than 30 kilometres away from the E-Base in Turia couldn’t reach us, we decided to reach them. With modified versions of our workshops and carrying all our materials and equipment, we travel close to 19 kilometres through the tiger reserve to meet the students. The eager faces and shy giggles on experiencing our workshops have made it worth the travelling and long days.

Follow us virtually as we travel in a Bolero full to the roof with globes, charts, science experiment materials and the likes to bring to these students the best from the E-Base.)

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