Physics and Chemistry Simplified: Workshop by Vidnyan Vahini

March 15, 2015 • Posted in: News, Pench Maharashtra Workshops, Workshops

Right in time, prior to their Board exams, Vidnyan Vahini conducted a workshop for our 10 and 12th grade students. To simplify the various laws of Physics and reactions in Chemistry, Mr. Sharad Godse and Mrs. Urmila Parchure joined us in Pench for a hands- on workshop.

Often, challenging subjects such as Physics and Chemistry are not taught in a hands- on fashion, leaving in the minds of students many a doubt. Mr. Godse and Mrs. Parchure focused on these problem areas and theories ahead of their Board exams to ensure our students score the highest possible marks in March.

Beginning with basics such as what acids and bases are to the periodic table, our students studied it all. For the day, classrooms were converted into chemistry labs with various colourful liquids to noisy puffs of smoke.

Students checking the Ph levels of substances.

Students checking the Ph levels of substances.

Some of the most exciting experiments were those of reduction and oxidation. The students were fascinated to see a solution change colours in mili-seconds simply due to oxygen or the lack of it.

Another favourite was that of the invisible Potassium Nitrate Solution. The teachers had drawn various objects with the solution on a simple sheet of paper. The solution, off course, once on the paper, was invisible. Our unassuming students were meant to burn the paper using incense sticks, only to discover the drawing made by the teachers with the solution!

Yet another experiment on Cellulose Reaction had the students absolutely stunned!

Next, the students learnt about various laws and phenomena in the field of Physics through experiments and hands- on activities. From Optics, to Sound and Wave theories, our workshop had activities to simplify each of the concepts.

Boys from the Koltmara Residential School trying their hand at the experiments.

Boys from the Koltmara Residential School trying their hand at the experiments.

Finally, the students connected the dots by revising the theory behind the experiments with the help of their text books. Each of the experiments and activities they had done that day explained again, this time using more theoretical terms to help them with their exams.

In addition, Vidnyan Vahini conducted a simpler Physics and Chemistry workshop for the students of grades 6 through 9. In all these workshops, we were glad to have great active participation from all the teachers, science or other subjects. After all, who doesn’t enjoy mixing liquids and watching them react in test tubes!

(If students can’t reach the E-Base, not a problem, we can reach out to them. Workshops on the Maharashtra side of the Pench Tiger Reserve began in July 2014. With a modified E-Base program, we take the workshops, projects and even a library to the doorstep of these students in Maharashtra. With an audience of close to 180 students this year, we are sure to make a lasting impact and continue growing as the years pass. The enthusiasm and curiousity displayed by the students in Maharashtra make every effort we take to travel for hours to reach the schools in Pench, Maharashtra worth it.

Keep up with our blog as we continue to travel to different ends of the forest of Pench to reach out to a wider audience to aggrandize our impact, thereby aggrandizing the effort to save the tiger and its home.)

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