E-Base Library: We’re looking good at 58%

May 9, 2014 • Posted in: E-Base Library, News, Workshops

We are overwhelmed by the support that has been shown towards our campaign to raise funds for the E-Base library.

From sharing our campaign via email, social networking sites to offering ot give their old books, we’ve seen a wonderful response towards our initiative.

When we first decided to go down the crowd funding route for the E-Base library, we imagined a considerably different scenario. However, within 5 days of starting the campaign, we realised how mistaken we were. Money, emails, calls and messages came pouring in from everywhere inquiring about the project and ways to contribute towards it.

After 10 days, we are happy to inform you that we have raised 58% of the funds already! After a bit of rumination, we have decided to try and raise more than our target of Rs. 70,000. If we are successful in raising more than our target, we will use that money to set up yet another E-Base library in another part of Pench where we will soon be working.

So, if you haven’t contributed to the fund as yet and wish to do so, click on the photo above which will take you to our crowd funding campaign #EbasePench.


(The E-Base library is a humble attempt to open up the world of books to the students of Pench. The importance of reading for a holistic education cannot be discounted and the E-Base library strives to fill this gap that exists by bringing to the students books from all around the world. With a choice of books on biodiversity, science, environmental conservation, Gondi folktales and encyclopedias, in both, Hindi and English, the library not only augments their general awareness and knowledge of their surroundings and its relation to the world but also inculcates an appreciation for their rich Gondi roots.)

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