E-Base Library: The Ambitious Plans

May 27, 2014 • Posted in: E-Base Library, News, Workshops

Very generous donations have brought us so much closer to building our second library.

We have now decided to put all the money collected from today towards giving meaning to the books in our library.

How will we do that, you ask?
We will be inviting authors and illustrators of the wonderful books from various Indian publishing houses. A book will have so much more significance if the students got a chance to understand the sentiments behind it. Besides, the students will also get a chance to interact with the best in the field.

The students always encounter fun and learning at the E-Base.

The students always encounter fun and learning at the E-Base.

One on top of our wishlist of guests is a Gondi artist who has illustrated and helped pen many books for the Indian and global audience. Wouldn’t it be amazing for these children, of Gondi descent as well, to see how far one of their own has come!

Some others on our list include naturalists and teachers.

Thus, here is a request to contribute, and contribute generously, to give these students a chance to interact and get inspired by the best in the field.

(The E-Base library is a humble attempt to open up the world of books to the students of Pench. The importance of reading for a holistic education cannot be discounted and the E-Base library strives to fill this gap that exists by bringing to the students books from all around the world. With a choice of books on biodiversity, science, environmental conservation, Gondi folktales and encyclopedias, in both, Hindi and English, the library not only augments their general awareness and knowledge of their surroundings and its relation to the world but also inculcates an appreciation for their rich Gondi roots.)

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