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April 23, 2013 • Posted in: News

Shanti works as a cleaner at the Pench Tiger Reserve Interpretation Centre. When we first began conducting workshops at the E-Base, both her children who study in Khavasa School attended them.

Shanti trying her hand at the experiments

Shanti trying her hand at the experiments

Busy with her own work, Shanti would pass us by at the E-Base or outside at the Turia Gate doing activities with the students. Perhaps, that’s when her curiosity arose and she started taking interest in what we had to offer. Never having completed her education, the workshops at the E-base captured her attention and soon later, we found Shanti standing at a distance listening and watching intently while we conducted workshops.

Last week, while conducting the Magic of Science and Nature workshop, we saw Shanti standing in a corner, her eyes sparkling with excitement on seeing flying magnets, lava lamps and solar pocket fans. Towards the end of the workshop, she came closer to get a better look, and inquired about a water experiment on pressure, “Yeh kyun hota hai?”

“Aap try karengi?” we asked.

“Hau!” came her reply with a beaming smile.

She listened carefully and tried her hand at a few experiments and objects that we had put out. She sat down beside her children and finally found out why the water in glass does not fall out when we cover its mouth with a piece of paper and hold it upside down.

It’s never too late to learn- Shanti truly drives the message home!

By Pooja Choksi

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